February 19, 2024
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International developer MERED opens its official headquarters in Dubai Internet City

MERED, an award-winning international real estate developer, has created a visionary space for its headquarters in Dubai, with an immersive atmosphere that seamlessly marries luxury with forward-thinking design. The office showcases how the brand is set to redefine the essence of real estate development in the most captivating way.

Located in the heart of Dubai Internet City, the headquarters boasts a design concept that masterfully blends the natural world with the sophistication of Italian craftsmanship, courtesy of Pininfarina. Known as the global standard-bearer of architecture and Italian design since 1930, Pininfarina began its journey over 90 years ago in the automotive sector, collaborating with some of the world’s most iconic car brands. Since then, the Pininfarina brand has evolved into a sought-after architecture and lifestyle design house. It is globally recognized for its exceptional ability to create timeless works that seamlessly embody the values of Technology and Beauty, making a significant Impact.

Pininfarina’s influence is evident in every facet of MERED’s office, with each element reflecting its values of purity, elegance, and innovation. These elements blend seamlessly with MERED’s dedication to delivering fresh, superior experiences to all. Dubai’s unique blend of innovation, global connectivity, and visionary ambition provides the perfect backdrop for reputed international real estate developers like MERED to create iconic, future-proof destinations.

The sales area radiates sophistication and elegance in every detail. From the sculptural counter to the use of natural and artificial lighting that gracefully guides visitors through the space, each feature is meticulously chosen. The lobby, divided by stylish bronze glass partitions, creates a seamless connection with the behind-the-scenes sales area. This harmony is further enhanced by the continuous and dynamic surfaces of the floor and ceiling, which guide visitors through the office, directing their attention to various aspects of the space. Private negotiation rooms and a show flat offer a real-life experience for potential buyers and investors.

MERED’s main office area, situated on the same floor and designed in a unique ‘U’ shape, showcases mood boards in classic shades of blue, grey, and brown, featuring a variety of materials such as wood, glass, metal, and leather. Designated areas for various departments, along with glass-enclosed meeting rooms and offices, reflect the brand’s core values of functionality and transparency. The office evokes a sense of home—a warmth that envelops anyone who steps inside, mirroring MERED’s commitment to creating spaces that are both extraordinary and welcoming for customers and employees alike.

MERED is a collective of world-class industry experts, artisans, and accomplished craftsmen with extensive experience in shaping cities and enhancing people’s lives. Supported by its robust tech infrastructure, cutting-edge management systems, and adherence to the highest building standards, the company is positioned as a benchmark for quality construction and management.

MERED has recently announced the launch of its flagship project, “ICONIC Tower”, in Dubai Internet City. This project shapes the future of Dubai’s skyline and is a true embodiment of their mission, “Beauty in Harmony… Timeless Value”. Through a strategic partnership with Pininfarina, the tower is set to become the tallest in the area, representing a seamless fusion of MERED’s innovative approach to real estate and Pininfarina’s renowned design philosophy.  A model of the tower will be displayed in the lobby of the sales area.

MERED HQ in Dubai transcends the conventional definition of a workplace with a visionary design reflecting MERED’s commitment to excellence. It’s a place where innovation and elegance converge—a space where dreams are nurtured, and where the future of real estate development takes tangible form.

For more detailed insights about the project, visit https://mered.ae/ and follow their updates on Instagram.

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