February 12, 2024
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Anghami’s launches a groundbreaking initiative, “The Protective Rhymes,” revolutionizingbody safety education for children and parents in Middle East and globally

Anghami, a leading audio streaming platform in the Middle East, addresses body safety for children with the release of the “The Protective Rhymes”. The rhymes are specifically created to teach parents and for parents to teach their children about body safety. It’s an idea that’s relevant not just for the Middle East but across the world.

Statistically, 1 in 9 children in the Middle East falls victim to sexual abuse. Despite this alarming prevalence, a staggering 86% of parents in the region are at a loss when it comes to educating their children about body safety.  

To raise awareness and tackle this pressing societal matter, Anghami has collaborated with child psychologists, singers, and music producers to launch “The Protective Rhymes.” These original rhymes, featuring 5 unique videos use a famous regional format to educate children – puppetry. Two miniature puppets were specifically created for this project Sarah The Cat and Talal The Turtle who in every rhyme meticulously cover diverse facets of body safety education. All rhymes are sequential, and in a step-by-step process to equip the child with all the information he or she needs to know about safety of their body. The songs are short, focused on one single point for the children to remember using popular melodic rhyme schemes that work like other popular catchy children’s songs

Beyond digital platforms, “The Protective Rhymes” extends the reach through social content, early learning environments, and interactive workshops. The initiative has garnered support from leading psychologists and social workers along with the parents.

In a time when keeping kids safe is really important, Anghami’s project is like a guiding light. It’s changing how we teach kids about staying safe with their bodies. By working together and telling stories in new ways, Anghami isn’t just talking about the problem, but also finding real ways to help keep kids safe in the Middle East and beyond. As more and more people listen to “The Protective Rhymes,” Anghami is sticking to its promise to make things better and keep kids safe in the future.

You can find the playlist here: https://play.anghami.com/playlist/257824952

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