March 6, 2024
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Poddster Opens First International Studio in Singapore, Marking Stage One of its Global Growth Plans

Poddster – a pioneering network of video podcast production studios and Dubai’s first podcasting community – has begun expanding globally with the launch of its first location in Singapore. The new Poddster location in Singapore’s Bukit Merah area is the company’s first to open outside of Dubai. Four large professional studios and an expansive community space for events and workshops occupy the state-of-the-art 4,000-square-foot venue.

Co-founded by serial entrepreneur Vuk Zlatarov in April 2022, Poddster became Dubai’s busiest and most-recognised podcast hub and now has three locations in the city. It aims to democratise high-quality podcast production, empowering individuals and businesses to document their knowledge and stories and experience the transformational power of podcasts.

The idea came in 2020 after Zlatarov launched his own podcast, The Change Officer, in hope of finding a smarter way to build meaningful relationships with people who could positively influence his life and business. Two years, and 200 episodes later, Zlatarov created Poddster, making professional podcast production available to everyone.

On the opening of the Singapore studios, Poddster Co-founder Zlatarov commented: “Our vision is to build a network of hubs that gather some of the most inspiring figures that can learn from each other and grow together through a transformative podcasting experience. Strategically, Singapore is one of the most important cities because it is a focal point for influential figures and commercial ventures across Asia Pacific. The podcast industry in Singapore and the wider region is expanding and listening to podcasts is becoming increasingly popular.”

Poddster’s Co-Founder and Asia Pacific CEO, Borko Kovacevic, added: “Singapore represents a really exciting market for us. It’s long been a premier destination for international organisations. Plus, statistics show the number of daily and weekly podcast listeners has increased by 53 percent over the last year, with listeners now tuning in to three to five podcasts a week. Over 90 percent of listeners in Singapore have reportedly taken action after listening to a podcast advert. This shows the demand is definitely there for high-quality studios like Poddster that prioritise consistent service quality.”

The company is set to continue its global expansion with plans to open in Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and Australia by 2025. According to YouGov, the number of podcast listeners is projected to rise to 504.9 million in 2024, with the MENA region among the highest proportion of podcast listeners worldwide.

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