March 12, 2024
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Rajani Nalla Interview

In a world where the holistic development of children holds paramount importance, Rajani Nalla stands as a beacon of enlightenment and empowerment. As the Founder and CEO of Trusity, she has dedicated her expertise and passion to revolutionizing education, ensuring that children receive a comprehensive upbringing that nurtures their physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and moral dimensions. In the same context, Rajani Nalla advocates for a holistic approach that paves the way for children to emerge as healthy, happy, and successful individuals. Join us as we delve into the transformative journey led by Rajani Nalla and explore the groundbreaking initiatives driving holistic development at Trusity.

How important is the holistic upbringing of children?

Holistic upbringing of children is crucial as physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and moral dimensions are interconnected and overall wellbeing and development ensures that they grow up to be healthy, happy and successful individuals. It nurtures their physical health, emotional resilience, social skills, and intellectual curiosity, leading to a balanced and fulfilling life. Children who receive holistic upbringing are better equipped to navigate life’s challenges and achieve success in various aspects of their lives. They develop a broad range of skills and competencies that are essential for success in school, work, relationships, and personal well-being. They learn to communicate effectively, empathize with others, and resolve conflicts constructively. Holistic upbringing instills values such as honesty, respect, responsibility, and compassion, laying the foundation for ethical and moral decision-making. 

What are the ways to bring about this development?

Ensuring proper nutrition, exercise, and healthcare addresses their physical well-being, while nurturing emotional intelligence, teaching coping skills, and fostering a positive self-image are paramount for emotional development. It is important to provide a stimulating environment by surrounding children with diverse experiences, materials, and opportunities for exploration including books, art supplies, puzzles, nature outings, etc. We can cultivate creativity by providing opportunities for artistic expression through drawing, painting, music, and storytelling thereby encouraging imagination and original thinking. By assigning age-appropriate responsibilities and tasks, we can encourage independence and build decision-making qualities.

Encouraging healthy relationships, effective communication, and cooperation plays a crucial role in honing their social skills. Simultaneously, providing a stimulating learning environment, fostering curiosity, and encouraging critical thinking contribute significantly to cognitive growth. Finally, instilling a strong sense of ethics, values, and morality guides children in making responsible decisions, laying the foundation for their moral and ethical values. Together, these aspects form a comprehensive approach to nurturing the multifaceted growth of children.

How does Trusity play a role in bringing about this change?

Trusity plays a pivotal role in fostering holistic development by offering diverse courses and programs that encompass academic excellence, emotional well-being, physical health, social skills, and creative expression. Through innovative teaching methods and a commitment to personalized learning, Trusity aims to nurture well-rounded individuals, providing them with the skills and values necessary for success in all facets of life.

​​Trusity plays a pivotal role in fostering holistic development by offering diverse courses such as “Trupreneurs” for entrepreneurship, STEAM programs for well-rounded education, mental math for cognitive skills, language courses for improving linguistic efficiency, and exam preparation for improving academic excellence. The programs aim at building critical life skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, innovation, communication, collaboration, creativity, resilience and grit so that children are prepared to build and face their future in a confident and independent manner. Through flexible online learning, Trusity ensures accessibility anywhere, anytime, prioritizing a comprehensive approach to nurture the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive aspects of children’s growth.

What are some of the key courses that Trusity offers?

Trusity offers a diverse range of courses designed to nurture well-rounded individuals. From cultivating entrepreneurial skills with “Trupreneurs” to exploring the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math through “STEAM,” enhancing mental agility with “Mental Math,” mastering new languages, and providing effective exam preparation courses—Trusity empowers learners with a comprehensive and dynamic educational experience. Each course is crafted to inspire growth, curiosity, and success in various aspects of life and learning.

Anywhere, anytime – does that mean, people outside the UAE can also avail these courses?

“Anywhere, anytime” signifies the convenience of accessing our courses from the comfort of your home and at flexible timings that align with your schedule. With Trusity being a dynamic learning platform driven by robust technology, the courses can be subscribed by learners outside UAE too. 

Given today’s volatile digital era, how safe and secure are these online courses offered by Trusity?

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, Trusity prioritizes the safety and security of our online courses. We employ robust measures to ensure the protection of user data, maintain a secure learning environment, and safeguard against potential risks. Our commitment to the highest standards of cybersecurity aims to provide a trustworthy and reliable platform for seamless learning experiences. Rest assured, your privacy and security are paramount considerations as we navigate the dynamic challenges of the digital era.

Talking about security and safety, it is equally important for children to have access to entrepreneurship opportunities to give wings to their dreams. How does Trusity aim to get there?

At Trusity, we recognize the significance of fostering entrepreneurship skills in students to empower them to pursue their dreams. Our flagship program, Trupreneurs, is specifically designed to empower young minds with essential entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. By tailoring our courses to focus on fostering creativity, critical thinking, and business acumen, Trusity aims to instill confidence in young individuals, equipping them with the tools to turn their aspirations into reality.

Trusity’s entrepreneurship program, “Trupreneurs,” has positively impacted a diverse range of young learners. The program follows a three phased approach covering Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Communication. Participants in the program gain valuable skills and knowledge in entrepreneurship, including creative problem-solving, strategic thinking, and effective communication.  Upon completion of the course, the young entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to pitch their project ideas and prototypes to win a seed funding package of AED 10,000 so that they can work towards product development and launch.

Who have benefitted from the entrepreneurship program and how?

Trusity’s entrepreneurship program, “Trupreneurs,” has positively impacted a diverse range of young learners. Through the program, participants often develop innovative ideas, enhance their leadership abilities, and gain confidence in turning their visions into reality. To name a few of our winners from the previous cohorts, Aarush, 15,  is the Winner from the 1st Investor Pitch Competition developed ‘Respawnsibilities,’ a comprehensive pet care app that consolidates essential information, allows customization of pet profiles, and offers direct booking for vet appointments, vaccines, shopping, and grooming services— all conveniently within one platform. Shivansh, 14,  is the Winner of Trusity’s 2nd Investor Pitch competition. With his innovative and sustainable idea ‘Poop the Scoop’ he aims to turn dog waste into compost. With his end to end solution his company will collect dog waste from communities, turn it into compost and sell it back to community residents. His sustainable solution prevents dog waste from entering landfill whilst offering a solution of compost to property renters and owners in the UAE.

A quick word of advice for parents and children looking to grow?

For parents and children aspiring to grow, remember that the journey of growth is a collaborative and evolving process. Encourage open communication, embrace curiosity, and celebrate both successes and setbacks as opportunities for learning. Cultivate a curiosity-driven mindset that fuels a passion for learning and discovery.

Remember, the journey of growth is a collaborative effort. Parents need to be supportive mentors and guides, offering a balance of encouragement and gentle nudges toward exploration. Children need to remain open to new ideas, embrace failures as opportunities to learn, and above all, believe in the extraordinary potential within themselves. Together, as a team fueled by innovation and a commitment to realizing dreams, there’s no limit to what can be achieved. The future is yours to shape—embrace it with enthusiasm, determination, and an unwavering belief in the power of your aspirations.

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