July 3, 2024
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SWFI Founder Lakshmi Narayanan Honored as Freeman of the City of London at Global Wealth Conference 2024

Lakshmi Narayanan, Chairman of the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute (SWFI), has been awarded the prestigious title of Freeman of the City of London during the highly successful Global Wealth Conference (GWC) 2024. This ancient honour recognizes Narayanan’s significant contributions to the financial sector and his efforts to foster international cooperation in wealth management.

The Freedom of the City of London, one of the oldest surviving traditional ceremonies dating back to 1237, has been awarded to numerous notable figures throughout history. Narayanan’s recognition comes as a testament to his pioneering work with SWFI, which has become a leading platform for research, analysis, and networking in the global capital and sovereign wealth fund sector.

Receiving the prestigious award, Narayanan commented: “I am deeply honored to receive the Freedom of the City of London. This recognition not only celebrates our work at SWFI but also underscores the growing importance of sovereign wealth funds in the global financial landscape. As we continue to foster collaboration and innovation in this sector, this esteemed title will serve as a reminder of the responsibility we bear in shaping the future of international finance.”

The conferment ceremony, held at The Chamberlain’s Court in Guildhall, was a highlight of the three-day Global Wealth Conference, which brought together 21 sovereign wealth funds and leading asset managers from around the world, representing a combined assets under management (AUM) value of 10 trillion pounds.

“Congratulations to my dear friend on this well-deserved award. This accomplishment reflects not just your talent and hard work, but also your unwavering commitment to excellence, setting a remarkable standard for others to follow. This award is a testament to your journey, and a reminder that greatness is achieved through dedication and perseverance. May this recognition serves as a stepping stone to even greater accomplishments in the future, illuminating your path with success and inspiring those around you. Congratulations once again, and may your future be brighter and filled with even more brilliance and achievements.” Said His Excellency. Dr. Nayef Falah Al-Hajraf, Secretary General. Gulf Cooperation Council.

The conference, now in its second year, featured critical discussions on sustainable finance, innovation, and the potential formation of a UK sovereign wealth fund. Notable events included:

  • A conversation with the APPG chair of sovereign wealth funds, exploring the possibility of a UK fund reaching 500 billion pounds in size.
  • The Investment Guild’s inaugural charity dinner, attended by 125 invited guests, including renowned boxer Ryan Garcia.
  • Discussions on the need for an ESG tracker for asset managers and the faster adoption of artificial intelligence in the industry.
  • Presentation of a research report by David Haigh, CEO of Brand Finance, on the impact of brand image on sovereign wealth funds.

Narayanan’s new status as a Freeman of the City of London is expected to further strengthen ties between SWFI, the City of London, and the global investment community.

“We are honored by this recognition from the City of London,” added Narayanan. “The Global Wealth Conference 2024 in London has once again provided a crucial platform for discussions on the future of sovereign wealth and asset management. This award reinforces our commitment to promoting best practices and fostering collaboration worldwide.”

The Global Wealth Conference 2024 and Narayanan’s award highlight London’s continued importance as a global financial hub and SWFI’s role in shaping the future of sovereign wealth management.

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