March 21, 2024
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“Navigating Niche FnB Markets: BRW Society Brewing Success Against All Odds”

In the vibrant landscape of Dubai, BRW Society has redefined the tea and coffee experience, blending quality, flavor, and sustainability. What began as a quest to fill a market gap evolved into a diverse portfolio of 20 tea blends and 7 coffee varieties, resonating with consumers across the UAE and KSA. As BRW Society strides into 2024, let’s explore its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction in this exclusive interview with Founder Laura Manning

  Shed light on BRW Society 

BRW Society, founded in 2019 by Welsh expat Laura Manning in Dubai, was born out of her observation of a market gap in tea variety compared to her experiences in the UK. Laura’s vision was to inspire people to savor small moments through high-quality teas. Initially focusing on loose-leaf teas, the company prioritized quality, flavor, and the ritual of tea consumption. Recognizing the consumer demand for convenience without compromising taste, BRW Society expanded its product range to include tea and coffee bags. Today the brand has 20 functional tea bag blends and 7 freshly ground coffee backs, from Colombian and Americano to flavored options and decaf. Plus, it is retailed in the UAE and KSA.

  Tell us about your growth in the past years and anticipation for 2024?

The past year has seen remarkable growth for our brand. We unveiled our hassle-free coffee bags, tailored for discerning coffee enthusiasts who are simply looking for convenience without compromising on flavour—no grinder, no machines, no mess, just great coffee. Recently, we introduced a home compostable packaging solution, aligning with eco-conscious consumers’ desire for sustainable living, particularly in hotel environments. Moreover, our expansion into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in August 2023, in collaboration with Panda Hypermarkets, has brought the essence of BRW Society’s lifestyle to over 55 stores nationwide. As we move further into 2024 BRW is seeking its second round of investment to help further our growth. Our objective is to reach a million new customers, expand into all GCC markets and establish stronger retail and HORECA channels in the region.

  What markets do you operate in?

We operate in multiple markets, including retail, online, through our own brand channels, and HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants, and Catering). Through strategic marketing and continuous product innovation, BRW Society steadily gained recognition and market share in the UAE. Its emphasis on quality, sustainability, and variety struck a chord with consumers, establishing it as a leading artisanal tea and coffee brand in the region.

  Recently you were in news about going plastic free, could you share more insights on this initiative?

Despite experiencing rapid growth in product offerings and market presence, BRW Society has kept its commitment to making steps towards being a plastic-free business through strategic approaches. We prioritise sustainable materials and packaging alternatives from the start, the company ensures that its new product developments align with its plastic-free ethos, allowing for expansion while staying true to sustainability goals. Additionally, BRW Society invests in research and development to create innovative packaging solutions that fulfill both environmental and functional needs, enabling the brand to adapt to changing consumer demands effectively.

  What did you showcase at Gulf Food this year and how is your participation expected to bring around a positive impact for your brand?

At Gulfood this year, we showcased latest innovations in the tea and coffee world, including our plastic-free tea and coffee bag collections. Our participation in Gulfood is expected to bring a positive impact for our brand by providing us with a platform to connect with key industry players, potential partners, and customers within the GCC and internationally. By showcasing our commitment to sustainability and quality through our products, we aim to reinforce our brand image as a leader in the tea and coffee market. Gulfood allows us to stay abreast of industry trends and consumer preferences, enabling us to further refine our offerings and expand our market reach.

  Plans for 2024 and way forward with new initiatives

Firstly, we plan to launch new product lines that cater to evolving consumer preferences and lifestyle trends, such as wellness-focused blends and specialty coffee varieties. These offerings will not only enhance our product portfolio but also broaden our appeal to a wider audience, specifically the middle eastern market.

Additionally, we are exploring strategic partnerships and collaborations to enhance our distribution channels and reach new markets. By leveraging the strengths of our partners, we aim to accelerate our growth trajectory and increase our brand visibility on a large scale.

Sustainability remains a top priority for us in 2024 and beyond. We are committed to further reducing our environmental footprint by implementing innovative packaging solutions, optimizing our supply chain, and investing in sustainable sourcing practices.

We will continue to prioritize customer satisfaction by listening to feedback, improving our products and services, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Overall, our plans for 2024 and beyond are centred around innovation, sustainability, and customer-centricity. By staying true to our values and embracing new opportunities, we are confident that BRW Society will continue to thrive and make a positive impact in the artisanal tea and coffee market and secure its next round of investment.

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